Aronar Adventures

November 23rd
November 23rd Wrap-up

The party deduced that the entrance to the dwarven underground was likely at the base of the dwarven monument, which was covered in snow. Patticus began the process of digging…

Once he had revealed the door, he head a noise which sounded like the beating of wings. He hopped back up to the surface and ran to his Drake to take flight, so that he could meet whatever flew the party’s way. The rest of the party took to hiding among the trees.

A stout figure, airborne and clad in armor approached patticus. He introduced himself as Kalith, a member of a local Dragonborn clan. Once he gained a little trust, they both landed and patticus introduced him to the rest of the party.

Morelle looked at him with piercing eyes, trying to sense any evil intent. While she found none, she noticed that he was much shorter than the average male Dragonborn and he did not sound like a child… When she inquired, Kalith removed his helm and revealed that he was not a Dragonborn, but a Drawf, which was a unison between Drawf and Dragonborn.

When he asked of their business in this land, especially at this particular monument, the pixie said that they were under orders from the king to find a precious Dwarven Artifact and return it to the king. Kalith seemed to take special interest in the fact they were working for the king and offered to accompany them into the depths of the Dwarven underground. While he does not know exactly what they will encounter, he knows that it is the remnants of an ancient conflict, which likely still has immortal sentinels ready to strike intruders.

The party, which now included the Drawf Kalith, approached the door and unsealed it with a rune the king had given them…

They made their way down a large, spiraling stone stair well, but were ambushed by large, centipede like insects that dropped from the ceiling. They numbered only two and posed no threat to the party, who crushed them immediately. The Dwarf Renembaha was quite startled by the insects and ran the rest of the way to the bottom of the stairs, surrounding himself in ever-burning torches.

Once he calmed down, the party approached an archway, which lead to a stone bridge which was broken in the center. Stewie Baggins, the ranger, spotted cloaked figures stalking on the overlooking platform that bordered the room.

He shot an arrow to their location, which included a message, while the rest of the party advanced to the bridge. The figures immediately returned fire, shooting arrows of ice.

A combat between ice-bone skeletons and the party had begun. Patticus’ size seemed to be a hindrance in this environment, as he nearly fell to his death from a missed jump, but managed to hang on to a ledge.

Once the archers were dealt with, they met a rather large ice-bone skeleton around the corner of the overlooking platform. This one nearly killed the hobbit Stewie baggings with a thunderous smash to the chest, but he managed to hang on while Patticus delivered the final blow, crumpling the skeleton to the ground.

Once they caught their breath, they look down the hallway, seeing a path that splits both ways. To the right, they hear nothing, to the left, the sound of something moving around.

November 18th
November 18th Wrap-up

The party would not take the dismissing statements of the Serdar of Yannisdale so easily, proceeding to viciously question him about the intentions of the angels. They soon learned of the various powers the angels and their promise of protection that they offered to the Dwarves of Yannisdale… Somehow, something did not seem right.

The Unicorn Knight, with her keen, insightful senses, saw evil in the hearts of these so-called Angels. Also, after reviewing the way Vokos, the Serdar of Yannisdale, presented his case, she was convinced that he was falsely presenting these dark entities. At this point, their confrontation was drawing a little bit of a crowd, among them were a scattering of Angels.

Through some convincing, which included a little brow beating, a slap or two from the first born, and an inspirational speech from the pixie, they managed to force a small bit of doubt from Vokos, in which he spoke the slightest amount of disbelief in the Angel’s intentions. The moment this utterance left the dwarf’s mouth, he disappeared, as well as the angels that were watching. The crowd that had gathered has chosen to dissipate rather than confront the adventurers, forcing themselves to go about their daily business.

The adventurers decided to search the town, as they had a hunch that the Angels had not gone far. Their search leads them to the Serdar’s residence, which was also being used as a town hall; they were surprised to find that no guards were stationed outside of it.

Once inside, they were lightly questioned, but an explanation that they were acting on behalf of the king kept anyone from impeding their search. Morelle, the Unicorn Knight, used a sense secret passage ritual, to which one was found between two stone benches. Renembaha, the Firstborn, was familiar with these types of Dwarven doors. He proceeded to place his hand upon the door and speak a phrase in dwarven, which split the stonewall and opened the door.

The party crept down the hall and then the stairway. They were greeted with the sounds of soft chanting, which the Unicorn Knight identified as Abyssal and the words of sacrifice. They drew closer and peered into the room, which was alight with a blue and red glow from dwarven statues that bore glowing, runic crowns.
In the center of the room was a stone slab, an unconscious Vokos upon it, with 5 Angels surrounding him, leering at the dwarf while sustaining the chant.

Renembaha started a conflict quickly as he tore through reality and swapped places with the unconscious Vokos, breaking the concentration of the Angels. Once Vokos landed on the stone floor, Bryoin carried him to the side and out of sight of the Angels, while the rest of the party charged forward into combat.

The Angels did not fight, so much as move around the room by teleportation and cast deep stares at the party. Those that the Angel locked in it’s sights felt great, mind racking pain. Those that could not shut the pain out of their mind were soon flooded with visions of terror that would freeze them in-place while the Angels drained their life force.

Though teamwork the party picked up the slack from those that were fear-locked and managed to fend off the angels. The defeated left no bodied, only disappearing after suffering grave wounds. Once the last one faded away, it uttered a phrase in abyssal, “We shall return…”

The party had liberated the town from the Angel’s eyes, but, this had caused more panic than rejoicing. They stated that the Angels were there to protect them from the Giants and were accusing the party of damning them to death!

Renembaha rallied the dwarven people, saying that “as dwarves we win or lose the day by our own blood, sweat, and tears! Dwarves do not rely on the assistance of extra-planer entities! They forge their own path and we will endure, like the stone we were wrought from!”

With newfound morale, the party reinstated the Military that retired after the Angels that arrived and made a plan with the commanding officer of the town. They agreed that Yannisdale did not have the fortification or man power to deal with the Giant threat, so they planned an exodus of the citizens and a trap to be set for the Giants. Once the trap was sprung, the military that was left behind was to report to the nearest city that Yannisdale was reached.

The party escorted the dwarven exodus of about 1400 citizens, which were lucky as they were not attacked during their journey. There were no casualities during the journey, as weather was relatively favorable, provisions were bountiful (thanks to patticus’ Bloom ability), and Morelle’s healing ability to care for any sustained injuries.

This trek took a several days, but they managed to reach the city of Uhlerthur, which had tall stone walls with mounted artillery. They were allowed into the city after they explained themselves, while taking on another 1400 citizens is unexpected, they could not rightfully turn them away.

The party explained what had happened in Yannisdale and told the guards of Vokos’ dealings with questionable extra-planar beings. The guard captain said they he will be detained and his actions reviewed as soon as there is time. The party leaves soon after, stopping off in one other city before reaching Firstborn Landing; the journey took 2 days of flight.

The party finally reach the King’s chambers after a few weeks of travel since they left their home of Awnend. They King introduces himself, as do the adventurers, before the enter into a discussion about the current situation.

The entirety of the Eastern Kingdom has fallen, as they just got word that Gilthmine had just lit the runic signal that their city had been lost. Judging by scouting reports and extrapolation they assume that they have another 9 days until the giant’s either reach or pass by Yannisdale.

The King tells a tale of an artifact called the Heart of the Tundra that he believes will be the key to breaking the Frost Giant’s assault. He gives the party a bit of information on where the artifact is, what guards it, and gives them runes that will unlock the door.

The party leaves Firstborn landing via teleportation by way of the Unicorn Knight, Morelle. They appear in Uhlerthur and then mount up to fly south-east towards the Dwarven monument the king mentioned, arriving 10 hours later. They set up camp and sleep for the night, only to be awoken by their Eye of Alarm in the early morning.

The party was attacked by Ice Demons, but they proved no match for the party, who fended them off with relative ease. The party then started breakfast before assessing the situation at the Dwarven monument…

Preview: November 16-17

The party touches down near the valley of Springradiance Mountains, heading towards the town of Yannisdale. The issue, which is actually a comfort, is that the valley has quite a temperate climate, compared to the frigid snow wastes that covers the majority of Skeryesh… It is certainly unnatural.

They approach and are granted admittance to Yannisdale, where things continue to get a little stranger. The entire town seems to be going about its business in quite a chipper fashion, seemingly unaware of the impending Giant invasion. Secondly. there are large, lanky, hunched over figures that wander about the town, covered in dark cloaks, conducting business with the townsfolk. They never utter a word and the towns people always advert their gaze…

Patticus, being a Goliath of action, begins to approach one of these figures, but is stopped by a male Dwarf with a cheery disposition,
“Travelers! I’ll have to ask you to keep a distance from the Angels… they are rather shy and dislike others invading their personal space. With that out of the way, welcome to Yannisdale! My name is Vokos, Serdar of Yannisdale, how can I be of assistance?”

November 9th
A Journey to Skeryesh

Before this session, the party was recruited by one Bryoin Giantdodger, who was a messenger of the King of Skeryesh sent to request that the party assist in a sudden Giant threat that began to plague the land of Skeryesh…

The party spend a full day on a small island, taking shelter from harsh, windy conditions. They entertain their traveling companion Bryoin Giantdodger with tales of their previous adventure, specifically about their time in the Arena in Rou’corf Rens.

On the next morning, they are greeted with favorable flying weather. The party take to the sky upon gryphons, while Patticus follows behind on a Blue Drake that he had tamed previously.
En route to Figboar, on the continent of Sor’dun, a halfway point between Awnend (where they are traveling from) and Skeryesh (their destination), the party enters a airborne battle with a pack of Drakes, to which the party emerges victorious.

The party lands in Figboar and checks their mounts into the stables; the stable hand, named Caesar, seems quite adept at controlling animals. While the majority of the party check into an Inn named “The Majestic Bull,” Patticus retreats to the wilderness to sleep under the stars.

During the early morning, Patticus is ambushed by a group of 7 arcane casters, which bombard the waking Goliath with two rounds of spells, most of which bounce right off of his tough hide. Patticus gets up with a teleport and with a few thunderous moves, snuffs out the life of the supposed leader of the Arcane bandits. When the bandits attempt to run away, Patticus catches and feeds two of the bandits to his Drake.

Patticus returns to the city with the head of the leader he struck down. It happened to be a leader of a troublesome bandit group that would prey on travelers and merchants. He was offered 400g as a reward, which he split with the rest of the group.

The group then return to the task at hand and take flight towards Gilthmine, their first stop on the continent of Skeryesh. They spend some time here gathering supplies and information on the Giant threat in Skeryesh.

Adventure History 03

Further sections Postponed till later notice
Character levels as of History 01: Level 4
Character levels as of current: Level 13

Adventure History 02

-The adventures inquire about the dragon’s Arcane mark to Greggory Spindlewick, wanting to know if they could trace the entity who created the mark, He regrets to inform them that he can not decipher the rune, but knows of one who might be able to.

-He tells them of a man who passed through the city not a few days ago, his name of Zypher Goldcaster. He was using Ji’rasil’s Archives to investigate an old artifact. He stated he was off to Mos’Hollow to investigate further.

-They set off towards Mos’Hollow, but are drawn off the path from the sound of battle and the sight of fire. The party choose to investigate and find an orc raid on a small village. They enter battle, assisting the citizens and slaying the orc horde. They fought along side a Paladin named Morris, whom granted them a blessing of Pelor to aid them on their travels.

-They next continue onto Mos’Hollow, which is the remains of a once grand city. As they approach a campsite, they are ambushed by a group of goblins. Goblin wizards used special arcane mist which clouded the party’s vision but did not hinder the goblins. This provided to be a near death experience for a few party members, but they defeated the goblins in the end.

-They delved into the ruins, apparently into the lower floor of a government building of sorts. They found a few tidbits of lore regarding a tyrant who sought to live forever named Gilgamesh.

-They dealt with a few roaming homunculi guards and found their way through a secret passage that was left open. It was here that they had to answer a riddle. They successfully answered the riddle, but decided to assault the homunculi guards anyway and steal their magic weapons.

-They made way to a chamber that had a dead body in it. The room seemed to be a puzzle room with dwarven runes. They figured out the sequence, avoiding death by whirling blades. They investigated the corpse, it is that of Zypher Goldcaster. They recovered his Journal.

-In the room, upon a pedestal, was an artifact in a bag. This artifact was the “Eyes of Gilgamesh.” According to references in Zypher’s Journal they allowed the wearer to read every language and decipher even lost runes and other forms of writing. They are said to hold a piece of Gilgamesh’s soul.

-The party recovered the artifact and returned to Ji’rasil. They left the Eyes of Gilgamesh with Greggory for him to study further and went on their way. They hired the Tiefling named Mercy to keep a close eye on Greggory in their absence.

Adventure History 01
Recounting of Past Adventures

These posts will be a recounting of our past adventures, as well as I can remember anyway. Not incredibly detailed as most of that is lost to time.

-The adventuring party sets out towards Jir’rasil, city of Illumination

-They meet an man named Greggory Spindlewick, who talked in a peculiar matter and was studying a half sunken statue. When he realizes he has lost track of time and nightfall is upon them, he becomes quite afraid and urges the adventuring party to return to the city with him.

-The party escort Spindlewick to the city, seeing shadowey apparitions appear at the edge of their visions as nightfalls, but neither engage each other.

- They make it to the safety of the city, which has a brilliant tower at the centre. Once inside, the sky is no longer night, but day. It is explained that the arcane tower makes it so that it is daytime all of the time in this city. This is to combat the fact that when a person is in darkness, their nightmares manifest.

- Durning the party’s stay, the tower goes dark during the night. The city is plagues by apparitions which pray on the townsfolk. They meet with Greggory and a Tiefling named Mercy. They report that a section of the wall in the tower was destroyed, leading to an underground cavern.

- The adventurers theorize the source of the problem originates somewhere in this cavern. They opt to delve into it.

- They go through several sections, which include resistance from undead and lesser shadowfell denizens.

- They soon come onto a clan of Kobolds, who are worshiping some sort of White dragon. They put an end to the Kobolds and advance into the final chamber.

- After fighting through more Kobold resistance, they awaken a weakened white dragon. The party engages the dragon and slays it. From an arcane symbol on the back of it’s head, they lear two things: This dragon s likely the one who was controlling the shadow magic plaguing the town and the the dragon himself was being controlled by another.

-The party ascend and are celebrated by the townsfolk. The damage assessment on the tower began, but the heros assure everyone that the apparitions should be a thing of the past…city officials and townsfolk still seem to have a deep fear of the dark and opt to reconstruct damaged crystal that powered the tower.


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