Aronar Adventures

Adventure History 01

Recounting of Past Adventures

These posts will be a recounting of our past adventures, as well as I can remember anyway. Not incredibly detailed as most of that is lost to time.

-The adventuring party sets out towards Jir’rasil, city of Illumination

-They meet an man named Greggory Spindlewick, who talked in a peculiar matter and was studying a half sunken statue. When he realizes he has lost track of time and nightfall is upon them, he becomes quite afraid and urges the adventuring party to return to the city with him.

-The party escort Spindlewick to the city, seeing shadowey apparitions appear at the edge of their visions as nightfalls, but neither engage each other.

- They make it to the safety of the city, which has a brilliant tower at the centre. Once inside, the sky is no longer night, but day. It is explained that the arcane tower makes it so that it is daytime all of the time in this city. This is to combat the fact that when a person is in darkness, their nightmares manifest.

- Durning the party’s stay, the tower goes dark during the night. The city is plagues by apparitions which pray on the townsfolk. They meet with Greggory and a Tiefling named Mercy. They report that a section of the wall in the tower was destroyed, leading to an underground cavern.

- The adventurers theorize the source of the problem originates somewhere in this cavern. They opt to delve into it.

- They go through several sections, which include resistance from undead and lesser shadowfell denizens.

- They soon come onto a clan of Kobolds, who are worshiping some sort of White dragon. They put an end to the Kobolds and advance into the final chamber.

- After fighting through more Kobold resistance, they awaken a weakened white dragon. The party engages the dragon and slays it. From an arcane symbol on the back of it’s head, they lear two things: This dragon s likely the one who was controlling the shadow magic plaguing the town and the the dragon himself was being controlled by another.

-The party ascend and are celebrated by the townsfolk. The damage assessment on the tower began, but the heros assure everyone that the apparitions should be a thing of the past…city officials and townsfolk still seem to have a deep fear of the dark and opt to reconstruct damaged crystal that powered the tower.



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