Aronar Adventures

Adventure History 02

-The adventures inquire about the dragon’s Arcane mark to Greggory Spindlewick, wanting to know if they could trace the entity who created the mark, He regrets to inform them that he can not decipher the rune, but knows of one who might be able to.

-He tells them of a man who passed through the city not a few days ago, his name of Zypher Goldcaster. He was using Ji’rasil’s Archives to investigate an old artifact. He stated he was off to Mos’Hollow to investigate further.

-They set off towards Mos’Hollow, but are drawn off the path from the sound of battle and the sight of fire. The party choose to investigate and find an orc raid on a small village. They enter battle, assisting the citizens and slaying the orc horde. They fought along side a Paladin named Morris, whom granted them a blessing of Pelor to aid them on their travels.

-They next continue onto Mos’Hollow, which is the remains of a once grand city. As they approach a campsite, they are ambushed by a group of goblins. Goblin wizards used special arcane mist which clouded the party’s vision but did not hinder the goblins. This provided to be a near death experience for a few party members, but they defeated the goblins in the end.

-They delved into the ruins, apparently into the lower floor of a government building of sorts. They found a few tidbits of lore regarding a tyrant who sought to live forever named Gilgamesh.

-They dealt with a few roaming homunculi guards and found their way through a secret passage that was left open. It was here that they had to answer a riddle. They successfully answered the riddle, but decided to assault the homunculi guards anyway and steal their magic weapons.

-They made way to a chamber that had a dead body in it. The room seemed to be a puzzle room with dwarven runes. They figured out the sequence, avoiding death by whirling blades. They investigated the corpse, it is that of Zypher Goldcaster. They recovered his Journal.

-In the room, upon a pedestal, was an artifact in a bag. This artifact was the “Eyes of Gilgamesh.” According to references in Zypher’s Journal they allowed the wearer to read every language and decipher even lost runes and other forms of writing. They are said to hold a piece of Gilgamesh’s soul.

-The party recovered the artifact and returned to Ji’rasil. They left the Eyes of Gilgamesh with Greggory for him to study further and went on their way. They hired the Tiefling named Mercy to keep a close eye on Greggory in their absence.



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