Aronar Adventures

November 23rd

November 23rd Wrap-up

The party deduced that the entrance to the dwarven underground was likely at the base of the dwarven monument, which was covered in snow. Patticus began the process of digging…

Once he had revealed the door, he head a noise which sounded like the beating of wings. He hopped back up to the surface and ran to his Drake to take flight, so that he could meet whatever flew the party’s way. The rest of the party took to hiding among the trees.

A stout figure, airborne and clad in armor approached patticus. He introduced himself as Kalith, a member of a local Dragonborn clan. Once he gained a little trust, they both landed and patticus introduced him to the rest of the party.

Morelle looked at him with piercing eyes, trying to sense any evil intent. While she found none, she noticed that he was much shorter than the average male Dragonborn and he did not sound like a child… When she inquired, Kalith removed his helm and revealed that he was not a Dragonborn, but a Drawf, which was a unison between Drawf and Dragonborn.

When he asked of their business in this land, especially at this particular monument, the pixie said that they were under orders from the king to find a precious Dwarven Artifact and return it to the king. Kalith seemed to take special interest in the fact they were working for the king and offered to accompany them into the depths of the Dwarven underground. While he does not know exactly what they will encounter, he knows that it is the remnants of an ancient conflict, which likely still has immortal sentinels ready to strike intruders.

The party, which now included the Drawf Kalith, approached the door and unsealed it with a rune the king had given them…

They made their way down a large, spiraling stone stair well, but were ambushed by large, centipede like insects that dropped from the ceiling. They numbered only two and posed no threat to the party, who crushed them immediately. The Dwarf Renembaha was quite startled by the insects and ran the rest of the way to the bottom of the stairs, surrounding himself in ever-burning torches.

Once he calmed down, the party approached an archway, which lead to a stone bridge which was broken in the center. Stewie Baggins, the ranger, spotted cloaked figures stalking on the overlooking platform that bordered the room.

He shot an arrow to their location, which included a message, while the rest of the party advanced to the bridge. The figures immediately returned fire, shooting arrows of ice.

A combat between ice-bone skeletons and the party had begun. Patticus’ size seemed to be a hindrance in this environment, as he nearly fell to his death from a missed jump, but managed to hang on to a ledge.

Once the archers were dealt with, they met a rather large ice-bone skeleton around the corner of the overlooking platform. This one nearly killed the hobbit Stewie baggings with a thunderous smash to the chest, but he managed to hang on while Patticus delivered the final blow, crumpling the skeleton to the ground.

Once they caught their breath, they look down the hallway, seeing a path that splits both ways. To the right, they hear nothing, to the left, the sound of something moving around.



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