Aronar Adventures

November 9th

A Journey to Skeryesh

Before this session, the party was recruited by one Bryoin Giantdodger, who was a messenger of the King of Skeryesh sent to request that the party assist in a sudden Giant threat that began to plague the land of Skeryesh…

The party spend a full day on a small island, taking shelter from harsh, windy conditions. They entertain their traveling companion Bryoin Giantdodger with tales of their previous adventure, specifically about their time in the Arena in Rou’corf Rens.

On the next morning, they are greeted with favorable flying weather. The party take to the sky upon gryphons, while Patticus follows behind on a Blue Drake that he had tamed previously.
En route to Figboar, on the continent of Sor’dun, a halfway point between Awnend (where they are traveling from) and Skeryesh (their destination), the party enters a airborne battle with a pack of Drakes, to which the party emerges victorious.

The party lands in Figboar and checks their mounts into the stables; the stable hand, named Caesar, seems quite adept at controlling animals. While the majority of the party check into an Inn named “The Majestic Bull,” Patticus retreats to the wilderness to sleep under the stars.

During the early morning, Patticus is ambushed by a group of 7 arcane casters, which bombard the waking Goliath with two rounds of spells, most of which bounce right off of his tough hide. Patticus gets up with a teleport and with a few thunderous moves, snuffs out the life of the supposed leader of the Arcane bandits. When the bandits attempt to run away, Patticus catches and feeds two of the bandits to his Drake.

Patticus returns to the city with the head of the leader he struck down. It happened to be a leader of a troublesome bandit group that would prey on travelers and merchants. He was offered 400g as a reward, which he split with the rest of the group.

The group then return to the task at hand and take flight towards Gilthmine, their first stop on the continent of Skeryesh. They spend some time here gathering supplies and information on the Giant threat in Skeryesh.



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