• Amaryllis


    A Pixie rogue who saught to defeat boredom by becoming an adventurer. While small, she is deadlier than most Ogers.
  • Morelle


    A half-elf bard who relized her destiny as the Unicorn Knight, under the late Archenfuield.
  • Renembaha Ahbaneber

    Renembaha Ahbaneber

    A dwarf who has no hair, except for a large silver beard. The his abdomen is a large mouth, which he gained by coming into contact with a chaotic fluid. He wields the sword of improbability, gaining the title of the Knight of Improbability. He favours ela
  • Patticus


    A brash, unpredictable Goliath Warden who does pretty much what he pleases. He is known for acts of destruction, bold defiance, understanding, and cowering behind others.
  • Stewie Baggins

    Stewie Baggins

    Considered odd by his kin, Stewie travels the world in search of adventure. Currently, he travels with a set 4 companions which have brought him a steady stream of adventure opportunities.