Arkket Garuda's Blade

This simple but powerful blade once belonged to a Chronomancer.

weapon (melee)

Legendary Melee
Heavy Blade, Longsword, One-Handed
Attack Rating: +5
Weapon Dice: 1d10
Damage Bonus: +5
Range: Melee Critical: 5d12 Void or Lightning Damage
Powerful: This weapon scores a critical hit on a 19-20.
Break Out: Once per day, you may end an effect that is on you that is not a disease, even if the effect normally ends at the end of another character’s turn. This effect is also capeable of breaking Time Locking Spells.
Enhanced Speed: You gain +4 to initiative checks.
Flawless Blade: You may re-roll one attack per day made with this weapon.
Multi-Slash: As a daily, you may make a basic melee attack that deals 8d8 + your level lightning damage, and the target is stunned.
Time Warp: As an encounter, you may make an additional At-will Attack as a free action when using this weapon.


“This blade once belonged to a Chronomancer, who was felled by a group of mighty heros. It is said to contain a small piece of his power. When combined with it’s twin and sheath, it form’s a wizard’s staff.”

Arkket Garuda's Blade

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