Axe of the Imprisoned God

An axe that appear to be made of pure lightning. It is said to hold the soul of an imprisoned god in it, but, who knows?

weapon (melee)

Legendary Melee, Stage 1
Axe, Greataxe, Two-Handed
Attack Rating: +4
Weapon Dice: 2d6
Damage Bonus: +4
Range: Melee Critical: +4d12 Lightning & Thunder Damage
Property: This weapon scored critical hits on a 19-20
High-Crit: You deal an additional 2[W] damage on critical hits.
Lightning Bringer: When outside, as a minor action, you may start a lightning storm, then storm lasts until the encounter is over. While the lightning storm is present, every time you make an attack, roll a d20. On a +11, lightning strikes the target you were about to hit dealing 1d12 + 4 lightning damage.
Imprisoned God: It is said this item holds the essence of the old god of lightning and thunder, Zuiklies.
Wrath of God Once per day, you may regain the use of one of your powers that either deal damage or change your form.
Thunder Clap: Daily; Standard
Melee; One Target
+17 vs AC; 3[W] + Strength modifier + Constitution modifier lightning damage. If this attack hits or misses, all enemies within burst 2 must make a saving throw or become knocked prone.
Lightning Nova: Daily; Standard
Burst 2; All in Burst
+17 vs Reflex; 2[W] + Strength modifier lightning damage. All enemies hit must make a saving throw or become stunned.


This axe is the legendary axe carried by Patticus. It is said to house the essence of Zuiklies, a forgotten god of old.

It appears as a greataxe forged of active lightning,

Axe of the Imprisoned God

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