Banshee Blade

A slender, curved blade used by the Banshee warriors of the Solar Empire.

weapon (melee)

Military Melee
Heavy Blade
Attack Rating: +2
Weapon Dice: 1d8
Damage Bonus: +2
Range: Melee Critical: 2d8 Psychic damage
High Critical: Deal an extra 1[W] damage on a critical hit.
Versatile: You may use this weapon as a two-handed weapon. If you do, it deals an extra +1 damage.
Critical Threat: This weapon scores critical hits on a 19-20.
Reverberating Scream: Encounter;Free
When you hit with an ability using this weapon, you can activate this ability.
Deal an additional +1d10 + 6 psychic damage, and the target is dazed until the end of it’s next turn. All enemies within burst 2, including the target are deafened (save ends).


“This slender, curved blade was used by the Banshee warriors of the Solar Empire. It does not use Solar technology found in most For’ik Xen weaponry, but rather is crafted in a way that enables it to vibrate at high-frequencies.

It is also known to emit a high screeching sound when it strikes, which is why the Banshee warriors were named as such."

Banshee Blade

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