Boots of Arkket Garuda

"Ornate red boots once worn by Arkket Garuda. Said to contain a small piece of his power."


Feet Slot
Fortitude: +4
Will: +3
Reflex: +4
Property: +2 Speed
Property: +5 to all Athletic and Acrobatic checks.
Property: As an encounter, you may gain an extra move action as a free action.
Minor Time Lock: As a daily you may stamp the ground as a free action.
Up to 4 enemies within 10 feet of you become immobilized (save ends). After a save they are slowed (save ends). There is no roll for this attack.
Quick Reaction: +4 to initiative checks.
Jump Boost: Ad a daily, you may gain an additional +10 to an acrobatics or Athletics check as a free action.


Boots of Arkket Garuda

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