For'ik Hen Bone & Tooth Necklace

A necklace made of various teeth that grants arcane boons.


+2 Reflex +2 Fortitude +2 Will
Fowl Protection: Daily; Reaction
When you receive damage you may reduce that damage by 5 + 1d10. In addition, your body bursts into a flock of chickens that scatter everywhere. You may teleport to any square within 8 squares.
Power of the Teeth: Encounter; Standard
Roll a d12 and the corresponding effect activated:

1=Goblin:You may shift 3 squares, not entering the same square twice
2=Orc: Make a melee weapon attack with a -2 penalty. The attack deals 2[W] + 5 damage.
3=Pixie: You are tiny for the rest of the encounter. You take a -5 penalty to all damage rolls and strength checks.
4=Displacer Beast: You gain “displacement” until you are hit.
5=Melsh’vrek: Make 2 weapon melee attacks against an adjacent target. These attacks have 2[W] + Strength damage.
6=Adult Melsh’vrek: Make a burst 1 melee weapon attack. 1[W] damage and targets are knocked back five squares.
7= Reanimator: A zombie raises to follow your orders. If there are no bodies, the next thing to die rises as a zombie.
8=Hag: Make a melee weapon attack against any target within 15 squares. You do not have to be adjacent. If the attack hits, it deals no damage and the target is blinded.
9=Crocodile: Make a melee weapon attack against any target within 3 squares. 3[W] + strength damage and the target is restrained (save ends).
10=Bladeling: You take 10 damage. Make a melee weapon attack against all targets within burst 2.
11=Blue Troll: You may shift up to 10 squares and make a melee attack. You may not enter the same square twice in this movement. If you shifted more than 5 squares, this attack deals 3[W] + strength damage instead of basic melee damage.
12=Ogre: Male a melee attack against up to 3 adjacent targets. 2[W] + strength + 5 damage.


Created when a necklace of teeth, an ancient amulet, and a piece of chicken were placed an a alchemical combiner. The bone necklace itself was made out of teeth and bone from a variety of creatures.

The resulting necklace conjured a random apparition to attack enemies or allowed the user to gain some sort of magic ability. The only ability on the necklace that is controlled is the ability to avoid damage by turning into chickens.

This odd item was created by Renembaha, knight of improbability, and is currently being used by Patticus.

For'ik Hen Bone & Tooth Necklace

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