Gilthiem Dwarvish Greatsword

This sword is crafted of Gilthiem and has a brilliant stone crafted hilt depicting a dwarf lord.

weapon (melee)

Military Melee
Heavy Blade, Two-Handed
Attack Rating: +5
Weapon Dice: 1d10
Damage Bonus: +5
Range: Melee Critical: 5d10 damage
Property: When you either bloody a creature that can bleed, strike a bloodied creature that can bleed, or otherwise expose the blade to blood, the blade heats up. While the blade is heated, it deals an additional +5 fire damage. While heated, the enchantment lasts for a indeterminate amount of time.


This blade was crafted by the Dwarves in Skeryesh, specifically in the city of Gilthmine.

Gilthiem Dwarvish Greatsword

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