Green Rade'teap Thumbs

These leather gloves have green coloured thumbs.


Hands Slot
Fortitude: +2
Summon Shrubbery: Daily; Standard
You create a wall 8 within 10 squares filled with thorny vines and bushes. It can be up to 4 squares in height. A creature that attempts to move though the wall must succeed a DC 20 strength check or become restrained by the wall (DC 20 for escape attempts). The wall lasts until the end of your next turn. Sustain minor.
Vine Grip: Enemies that you have grabbed are also restrained. Also, they take 1d8 damage on the start of their turns while they are grabbed.


These leather gloves have thumbs coloured in green. When you clap your hands together and press your thumbs to the ground, a large shrubbery sprouts to life before you. Also, vines can sprout from these gloves to restrain your enemies.

Green Rade'teap Thumbs

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