Leisn'teap Spirit Runners

Boots imbued with the spirit of the wolf


Feet Slot
Reflex: +2
Fortitude: +2
Spirit of the Wolf: You gain +1 Speed.
Spirit Sprint: When running, you do not grant combat advantage. Also, if you ran and did not attack this torn, you gain +2 to all defences.
Ghost Walk: Move; Daily
You may move up to your speed +2. You do not provoke attacks of opportunity and you gain “incorporeal” until the end of your next turn.
Swift Driver: When you do attacks on enemies that are grabbed, they take additional +5 damage.
Ghastly Grip: Enemies take a -1 penalty to escape grabs while grabbed.


These white boots are imbued with the spirit of the wolf, with a spectre accent.
They enable the wearer to run as fast as a wolf or as freely as a spirit.

In addition, ghastly mist seems to bind victims that are gabbed by the wearer.

Leisn'teap Spirit Runners

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