Masque of Garuda

A Hooded helm crafted from the Face of Arkket Garuda. Spooky.


Head Slot
Fortitude: +3
Will: +4
Reflex: +3
Property: You gain truesight
Property: As a daily, you may re-roll one dice roll of any kind,
Property You gain +10 to perception checks.
Property: As a daily, when you or an ally within 10 squares of you is hit with an attack that deals elemental damage, you may use this ability as a free action. The target gains resist 10 of the attack’s element (save ends).
Property: You gain +10 to all intimidate checks.
Property: When speaking with this item on, your voice is unmuffled by the masque. In addition, the visage of the masque can change to chow your emotions at will.


This hooded masque is made from the very face of the now deceased Arkket Garuda. His face was removed by Arkket Savant and transformed into a wearable item which grants the one who dons it with incredible sight and power.

Masque of Garuda

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