Protection of the Unicorn Lord

"This armor is draped in fey cloth, depicting the symbol of the unicorn lords."


Plate Armor
AC: +12
Tough The first time during an encounter when a critical hit is scored against you, treat it as a normal hit.
Blessing of Archenfuield: You heal an additional +7 hp when you use a healing ability.
Unburdened: You do not take armor penalties for wearing this armor.
Alter Fate: Free; Daily
When you hit a target with an attack, you may activate this ability. Roll a d20 and record the result. Once before the encounter ends you may choose to use this result to replace an allies or enemies roll.
Delivered from Evil: Free; Daily
You may activate this ability when an evil source deals damage to you. Gain 30 temporary hit points.


“This armor bears a decorative fey cloth draped over the chest, depicting the symbol of the unicorn lords. It stirs emotions of hate, love, and worship to citizens all across the feywild.”

Protection of the Unicorn Lord

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