Shield of the Twilight Lullaby

This shield looks as if it were a metal lute.


Shield (Light) / Implement (Instrument)
Off-Hand / Two-handed
Lute Mode
Implement Rating: +3
Damage Bonus: +3
Shield Mode
AC: +2
Reflex: +3
Critical +3d8 Psychic or cold damage
Property: You gain +3 to any checks that you can work singing into, with the exception of attacks.
Property: This shield has a sheath built into it.
As One When you have a song-blade sheathed in this item, you may access the abilities on the sword as if you were wielding it.
Song of Sleep: Daily; Standard
You must be using this item as a lute to use this ability.
Burst 3; All in Burst
+16 vs Will; Target is slowed (save ends). If the save fails, target is asleep (save ends).
Song of Creeping Mist: Daily; Minor
You may only use this ability if you are using this item as a lute.
Burst 1 Aura
Until the end of the encounter, you and all allies in the burst gain partial cover against entities outside the burst.


Shield of the Twilight Lullaby

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