Shimmering Asura Armor

This shimmering armor grants the user 4 magical arms.


Hide Armor; Light
AC: +2 Reflex: +2
Tough: The first time during an encounter when a critical hit is scored against you, treat it as a normal hit.
Initiative Bonus: You gain a +2 bonus to initiative checks.
Displacement: Encounter; Free/ When an attack hits you, you may use this power and roll a d%. IF you roll a 50 or more the attack misses you.
4-Arms: You now have 4 arms that work as you would expect they would.
Strong Grip: When using your extra arms, you gain a +2 bonus to grab checks.


“This shimmering armor can mislead your opponents by making you appear a few feat away from where you actually are. In addition, four magical arms extend from this armor that are under the wearer’s control.”

Shimmering Asura Armor

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