Short Sword of the Sea Serpent

A sleek sword that has a hilt in the shape of a sea serpent.

weapon (melee)

Military Melee
Light Blade, Short Sword, One-Handed
Attack Rating: +3
Weapon Dice: 1d6
Damage Bonus: +3
Range: Melee Critical: +3d6 Water Damage
Water Jet: At-will; Minor
Burst 1 Within 5
Target area is doused in water for all intense and purposes. This area is difficult terrain until the water is removed. If there were creatures in the targeted squares, make a +14 vs reflex attack on them; 1d6 + 3 water damage and the target is knocked prone.
Tidal Wave: Daily; Standard
You create a massive wave of water that fills the area. It has a volume of burst 6, but you may place the burst as if it were a blast. The area also has a height equal to it’s length and width. If summoned in an area large than it, it will appear as a cube. It will last for an encounter.
Sea Warrior: While wielding this weapon you do not take penalties to attack rolls from being under water, you may also hold your breath under water for double the time you normally could. You may also use this weapon as a thrown weapon with the range of 10/15 while under water. After it is thrown, it will return to you.


Short Sword of the Sea Serpent

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