Songblade of Tenac

Said to be a songblade carried by one of two traveling bards: Jay Bulls or The Soloman.


Military Melee
Heavy Blade, Scimitar, Songblade
Attack Rating: +3
Weapon Dice: 1d8
Damage Bonus: +3
Range: Melee Critical: +3d10 Psychic Damage
Property: Bards can use this weapon as an implement for bard powers.
High Critical: Deals an extra 2[W] damage on critical hits.
We are the Dee: Minor; Daily
You sing an inspiring song amplified by this blade. You or one ally within 10 squares of you regain hit points as if they had spent a healing surge.
The Greatest and Best Song in the World… Tribute: Minor; Daily
You sing a tribute to the greatest and best song in the world. You feel inspired and regain the use of one of your healing powers.
If you say we do not ride…: You score critical hits on a 19-20.
My voice is Powerful: Just by possessing this sword, you can amplify your voice. You can amplify it to be quite loud, for whatever purpose you can use this for. In combat, this ability has the following effect:

When you hit with an ability that uses your voice, you may deal an extra +3 damage. Also, if the target died, you can make it’s head explode. At times, you do not mean for this to happen… if it does, you gain a +1 to your next attack roll.


Said to be a songblade carried by one of the two legendary bards: Jay Bulls or The Soloman. It was lost, but the two bards found another artifact which granted them eternal inspiration, causing them to become two of the greatest musicians to ever live.

Songblade of Tenac

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