Sword of Archenfuield

This sword's hilt is a unicorn's horn, passed down by Archenfuield after he passed.


Legendary Melee, Stage 1
Heavy Blade, Longsword, One-Handed
Attack Rating: +4
Weapon Dice: 1d10
Damage Bonus: +4
Range: Melee Critical: +4d10 Radiant Damage
Property: You may use this weapon as an implement for bard powers.
High Critical: When you score a critical hit, deal an extra 2[W] damage,
Archenfuield’s Song: Minor; Daily
You sing an inspiring song, praising the glory of the Unicorn Lord. You or one ally within 10 squares of you regain hit points as if they spent 2 healing surges.
Archenfuield’s Gift: Once per day, you may regain the use of one of your healing powers.
Dangerous Critical: This weapon scores critical hits on a 19-20.
Ender of Evil Fey: You score critical hits on a 18-20 on evil fey creatures.
Know Thy Enemy: You get +10 to insight checks when detecting evil intent.
Protection from Evil (Circle): Minor; Daily
You create a burst 2 area;
Any allies in this circle gain +2 to all defenses when attacked by an evil creature and they are immune to controlling effects like charm and domination (beginning their turn in a magic circle will end such effects). Also, evil creature will flee from the circle if inside and may not pass through the circle. They may attempt to disrupt the circle with a saving throw, but take a -3 penalty.
Cure Moderate Wounds: Minor; Daily
Target ally regains HP as if they spend 2 healing surges + your charisma modifier.
Teleport: Minor; Encounter
You and up to 5 allies within burst 2 teleport 10 squares. You have to place them within 2 squares of the location you teleport to.


Sword of Archenfuield

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