Unicorn Knight Helm

This full helm has a dimensional sheathe in the forehead made for the Sword of Archenfuield.


Head Slot
Will: +2
AC: +1
Sheath: The forehead section of this helm acts as a sheath for the Sword of Archenfuield, making it appear as if you have a unicorn’s horn while you have it sheathed. The sheathe is actually a small pocket dimension, making it possible to fit small items into it that are the same width or smaller than the blade. Also, you may draw the blade as a free action by teleporting it to your hand.
Pledge: When an enemy hits one of your allies that you can see, you may make a pledge against the enemy. If you do, you deal an extra +5 damage on attacks you make against the target. You can only have one pledge at a time.
Teleport (Mass): You may only use this ability when the Sword of Archenfuield is sheathed in this helm. As a daily you may teleport yourself and up to 15 other willing to a location on this plane that you have been to and can visualize. Those that wish to teleport with you must be in contact with you.
Voice Change: When wearing this helm you can take on the voice of the unicorn knight. It’s traits are neither male or female and gives you a majestic disposition. In certain situations it may offer bonuses in conversation or intimidation.


“This helm is iconic in design, forged only for the unicorn knights. It has a beautiful mane like plume and has a dimensional sheath for your sword in it’s forehead.”

Unicorn Knight Helm

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