Gilhamesh was a For’ik Xen leader who sought to live forever. He forged a suit of armor in which he would live in, forsaking his body and binding his soul to the metal. Though he had not planned this, specific pieces of the armor held sections of his soul…

During a conflict with a neighboring city, a thief stole his eyes, stealing Gilgamesh of not only his sight, but most of his power from now possessing a fractured soul.

Gilgamesh then commanded that his city be separate from the rest of the continent, his followers with their powerful Arcane Technology made it so. The resulting island became known as Gilgamsh’s Isle, no one could approach it without being assaulted, even after the fall of the For’ik Xen empire.

Many years later, our adventurers unearthed Gilgamesh’s eyes… unbeknownst to them awakening a slumbering Gilgamesh. The adventurers left the eyes of Gilgamesh with a Scholar by the name of Greggory Spindlewick, who was later captured and the eyes returned to Gilgamesh.

The adventurers learned of this after they saved Greggory from the belly of a Devourer. They soon decided that they would put an end to Gilgamesh preemptively, but first took the advice of Greggory and sailed south to the fallen kingdom to unearth For’ik Xen Artifacts to assist them in the conflict with Gilgamesh.

In the ruins of The Fallen Kingdom, they found many powerful items, but had to defeat a time frozen For’ik Xen warrior King by the name of Ashurbanipal. The fight ended when Ashurbanipal ran, escaping into the open lands of the Fallen Kingdom.

The party perused him, tracking him to another set of ruins. It was here they discovered he had used an ancient portal. They charged through and found Ashurbanipal on the ground, exhausted and bleeding. They blocked his exit to both the portal and the exit of the cave and slew him deftly.

The adventurers, after peering out of the cave decided that this was likely a teleport to Gilgamesh’s Isle. They used this information to formulate a plan:

They called in a few favors and made promises in order to assemble a small army, which they commanded to assault Gilgamesh’s isle. They then used the ancient portal to sneak past the front lines and assault the castle, where they met with Gilgamesh and his Elite guard.

A grand battle took place, but in the end the adventurers defeated Gilgamesh and usurped his rule. They then claimed the land for their own and set up another ruling government, which was headed by Greggory Spindlewick.

As the adventurers had no interest in settling down for good, they settled with suggestive control of the government, but allowed Greggory to run the land as he see fit.


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