Aronar Adventures

Preview: November 16-17

The party touches down near the valley of Springradiance Mountains, heading towards the town of Yannisdale. The issue, which is actually a comfort, is that the valley has quite a temperate climate, compared to the frigid snow wastes that covers the majority of Skeryesh… It is certainly unnatural.

They approach and are granted admittance to Yannisdale, where things continue to get a little stranger. The entire town seems to be going about its business in quite a chipper fashion, seemingly unaware of the impending Giant invasion. Secondly. there are large, lanky, hunched over figures that wander about the town, covered in dark cloaks, conducting business with the townsfolk. They never utter a word and the towns people always advert their gaze…

Patticus, being a Goliath of action, begins to approach one of these figures, but is stopped by a male Dwarf with a cheery disposition,
“Travelers! I’ll have to ask you to keep a distance from the Angels… they are rather shy and dislike others invading their personal space. With that out of the way, welcome to Yannisdale! My name is Vokos, Serdar of Yannisdale, how can I be of assistance?”



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